Blog reviews :

"They are a nice bunch of people and always take care of you with a smile"

"I’d go here before Nobu or Blue Ribbon, because I am a true sushi ninja"

"The fish was definitely fresh so Sushi Sen-Nin is a good option if you’re looking for quality at more affordable prices than the top tier places"

"This restaurant boasts of New York’s most superb Japanese cuisine"

Other reviews :

"They have a number of exotic options on the menu which you just won't find at most other sushi places"
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"It's hard to eat sushi anywhere else, after this great dining experience."

"Sushi Nirvana!"

"This is by far the freshest sashimi I have ever had"

"Thank you Sushi Sen-nin for staying around for so long! I look forward to my next visit!"
"Interesting, diverse menu"
"this is the best sushi in the area by far."